Room Reservation Form

Room Reservations

Any organization on campus or student is able to request space in NASA. 

Room reservation options:
Room 203 (Wassaja Lounge)
- Max capacity = 30 people
Room 203B (Individual Study Space) - Capacity = 1-3 people

Room 205 (NASA Conference Room)
- Max capacity = 30 people
Room 209A (Student Org. Space)
- Max capacity = 10 people
Room 210 (Quite Study Lounge) - Max capacity = 40 people

Room reservations are not final until approved by the NASA Staff. 

To reserve a room in NASA please fill out the room reservation form below. NASA welcomes student organizations, UA Affiliated Programs and Departments, and the Tucson Community to use our space. NASA has first priority over rooms, followed by NASA Affiliated Student Organizations. NASA Staff reserve the right to make room changes as needed. ALL WEEKEND and AFTER HOUR REQUESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED BASED ON STAFF AVAILABILITY. 

NASA Floor Map 

Floor map created by student assistant, Nicolas Littleman.

NASA floor layout

Room Reservation Policy

The Organization/Event Planners will:

  • Please leave the room, tables, and chairs CLEAN (if food is served, it must be disposed of or stored away)
  • Tables and chairs must be arranged in the original room setup before leaving
  • Whiteboards must be cleaned before leaving
  • If utilizing trash can(s) after the event, please leave in the hallway when leaving so custodial staff can readily access trash
  • Ensure door(s) is closed and locked when leaving
  • Turn off lights - turn of projector/television
  • Ensure doors are locked when leaving - double-check before leaving